Lanvin Dreams

Lanvin for H&M dress, Grey Ant sunglasses, vintage pearls.
You can definitely count me as the most annoying, fussy daughter a casual tomboy mother could imagine.  My dress cravings soared far beyond the simple pink cotton styles most girls happily wore to tulle, lace, and pearl embellished masterpieces.  If each dress did not float when twirled, each hairstyle was not carefully ribboned, and each sock was not trimmed with lace you could place bets that a screaming child would soon be in your presence.  Swings at recess became a fine art, and preparing my young self for school each day was a job in itself.  
Choices from which mary janes, to a silk bow or tiara would often require a pouting, sighing half hour.  Luckily after hitting age ten I realized I wasn’t a princess, and sporadic outings in trousers would not be the end of my life.  Although I have long passed the child diva stage, I could not help but buy this voluminous tulle number to please my precious five year old self.  I’m sure she’s smiling at the thought.  Thank you Lanvin for making a girl’s dreams come true.

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